W.I.P. Wednesday: Knitting Again

I decided after my last few productive knitting weeks I would participate in W.I.P. Wednesday again.

I have been doing some purging of fabric and yarn from the closet in the room we refer to as the croffice, the place where I have my crafty stuff and sewing machine, which is also our office.  So I pulled all of my yarn and sorted through it and decided what to keep and what to sell.  When I opened up those yarn tubs it made me want to start knitting again, I had not done any knitting lately.  My hubby had suggested a few weeks before that I knit some stuff for my Etsy Shop since I have been looking at earning some money to go towards my new business.  Initially I did not imagine myself wanting to do this since I have been so busy, but when I saw the yarn and thought about how relaxing knitting is for me I decided I would give it a try.

Here is my yarn after I purged.  This does not include a wall organizer in our bedroom with yarn.

5 newborn hats that I made knitting one a day for 5 days.  The top two are made from a organic wool cotton blend yarn and the bottom three are made from organic cotton.

These are 2 of the wool soakers I have made and I have a 3rd ready to start.  These are made with 100purewool one of favorites for hand painted wool, this yarn is super soft and the colors are always amazing.

Here is Just Peachy Knits on Etsy not looking as bare as it did a few weeks ago.

Yarn Dyeing

So I have been inspired recently to do some yarn dyeing of my own. I decided to play around with food coloring and came up with a cool combination of colors. I was playing around with what shades I could create with the primary colors.

Here’s the yarn

All knit up in a soaker for the baby.

I decided the other day that the baby had a lot of blue yarn and I wanted to create a colorway with shades of green. This is what I came up with, I really like how it turned out and can’t wait to knit it up into a soaker for the baby.

Yarn before dyeing

Cooling in the sink

Drying the yarn

Wound in a skein

Wound in center pull ball

Ornery Annika and Box of Yarn

So I captured some pictures of the true Annika they other day. Looking like her ornery self. She is wearing leg warmers and her wool wrap because she had managed to soil two pairs of pants that day and I did not want to put her in another pair.

Here is a picture of her snatching baby Jesus from the Nativity scene and few others of pure ornery.

Here is the box of yarn that arrived the other day. My fellow knitting sister got me some yarn for my Birthday. It was an awesome gift and my daycare kids enjoyed rubbing the soft yarn on there faces and eating the yummy cookies she sent me.

Yarny Goodness and Current Projects

I got my WWBN Yarn last week. It is beautiful BFL that’s hand dyed.
Here’s Chocolate Raspberry

Here’s Secret Garden

Secret Garden is being knit into longies for Annika. I’m not sure what else I will make with it because I ordered a generous amount. Here’s the longies I started. Secret Garden is shades of purple and shades of green.

Here is another project on the needles. It is a Raglan sweater I am making for Jude. When Annika got hers from Aunt Erin he requested a blue one. That’s the body of the sweater. I need to do the sleeves next.

I also have my second sock on the needles and my fingerless gloves.
I’ve got more hats in the works for my Etsy store too.

Here’s what’s new!

I have been on a big organize my house kick so I haven’t been knitting so much the last few weeks. I am trying to declutter and eventually here have a garage sale.

On knitting the sock not much has been done.

I knit this Fern and Fairie Soaker which I will sell. It is a size small knit with 100purewool color corral. I really like how it turned out.

Speaking of 100purewool, I got the new 3 ply yarn.
I got 4 skeins of hot pink/brown

4 of Passionara

I also made a trip to the new yarn store Twist and got some brown Cascade as a trim yarn. I also picked up this blue yarn, which is amazing soft, since Jude has been insisting I make him a hat out of blue yarn for when it snows.

I also was inspired by Anna’s non-stripey slippers in Cashmerino that I got some and have just got one of them done. I love this yarn and they are so beautiful and make my feet happy.

Here are some pictures of the kids today. Annika was engaging Jude in some wrestling on the floor. That little girl is just so feisty!!

Knitting Stuff

Well here is my felted box that I made. I thought a few felted boxes would be cuter than my plastic containers for my craft/school supplies on my kitchen shelves.

I finished another Curly Purly Soaker for Annika. Here she is modeling the soaker and eating little people.

Annika got her Raglan in the Round from Aunt Erin, she is doing some modeling. It is super cute. Jude told me he wants a sweater too a blue one.

Jude asked me to take his picture the other day!!

Finally my HPY came in the mail on Wednesday. This yarn will become beautiful earflap hats that I will sell. I love the colors. I was playing around with taking a picture outdoors.