Alphabet Path

I thought I would take a little time to post about how we are using the Alphabet Path this year. Here is a look at how I used the Alphabet Path previously with Jude (he was 4 at the time).  I am mostly doing the Alphabet Path with Annika but Jude has been doing the baking and art projects with us.  I am using the Alphabet Path as a supplement to Mater Amabilis our main curriculum.

Monday I start by introducing Annika to the letter of the week and read her the story from the Alphabet Path Storybook.  She colors the flower fairy from the Flower Fairy Coloring Book and we listen to the song from A Flower Fairy Alphabet CD.  Tuesday we talk about the letter and what sound it makes and think of words that begin with that letter, we look our sound pouch (scroll down in this post to see our sound pouches) for that letter.  Wednesday we use the letter templates from here and do an art project with the template.  Thursday we do picture study using the book Museum ABC for our letter that week.  Friday and throughout the week we enjoy our books for the letter that week.  We also take one day during the week to do a baking/cooking activity for our letter that week.  I enjoy the Alphabet Path curriculum because it gives us a weekly theme to build from and to incorporate some fun activities into our week.

A little singing…

Annika Singing

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Annika loves to sing and make up songs. She frequently can be found getting on top of storage containers and making up songs. Here is a little clip of a “ballet” song she made up. She had been standing on a step stool singing various songs. This was no performance for the camera, she always sings and does actions like that even when no one is in the room. Jason and I both agree we will never lack for entertainment in our home 🙂

Dress Up Time

Annika was playing dress up last week and Zane got in on the action for the first time.  Its fun to be the little brother 🙂

Here is Zane showing off his dress, an old Halloween costume of Annika’s

Zane and Annika

Zane as a lion

Annika being a princess

Annika being “fancy” like Fancy Nancy

And yes mom will join in a little

The walking bug eater!

Zane is walking more and more each day and it is so sweet to watch him.  Zane also ate his first bug today.  The kids were looking at rolly polly bugs and Zane snatched one right up and ate it.  This first picture is after he ate the bug and then the smile.  Look at the little guy walk, I have a feeling it will not be long before I am chasing him 🙂

My New Blog

I have been wanting to merge my two blogs for awhile and I think this WordPress blog will be a good fit for me.  It has been fun setting up this new blog and I will be adding to it over time.  I did import my past posts from my other blogs.

For my first post here are some random photos.  The first is our most recent sun bread.  Annika took the other two pictures, Jude was sick when she took his picture.