Summer 2014

This summer was a good mix of relaxation, home organizing, decluttering, getting into a new routine, container gardening, and enjoying the sunshine. I worked on getting myself into a new routine by starting each morning with exercise and prayer. I had fallen away from this habit and really needed to get myself into this routine again. I spent time decluttering and organizing the house and planning our school year. The kids had the routine of a few school lessons everyday unless they had camp that week. It was a good balance of work and play. Jason took a few weeks off work so we did some fun family activities and he got some extra golf in. Here are some pictures from our summer.

Go Cart Fun!

Annika and Zane with their children.

Great Plains Nature Center
Zane playing with his new snake

Zane all ready to make Jason’s birthday cake.
The master egg cracker at work. He never gets shells in the bowl when he cracks egg.
The Cake.
Excited for Jason to open their present.

Jude and Annika off to Totus Tuus.
Zane made this creation on his sand and water table. He enjoys getting to play with me when they are at Totus Tuus.

4th of July. This is the first year we bought sparklers for them and they were impressed.

I took Zane to the bathroom and Annika was being stalked by this Peacock at the Zoo, it was really funny.
Silly Boys!

Journal: Summer Break Begins

Outside my window:

Feeling like summer!

Around the house:

Today was laundry day.  I do our laundry and most of my household chores on Monday so that I can focus on other funner things the rest of the week.  I still have a few organization projects that I am working on but it has improved a lot the past two weeks.

The kiddos:

They are enjoying summer break.  The older two start swim lessons tomorrow for the next two weeks.  I took them to the waterpark at the YMCA last week and that was lots of fun.

I took Annika to get her ears pierced over the weekend and enjoyed some mommy daughter time with her.  It is hard to believe she is growing up so much.

Our summer schedule seems to be going well.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu:  Turkey and Rice Casserole, Tacos, Garlic Chicken, Opee Sea Crunch, Pizza, and Breakfast for dinner.  Made Roasted Garlic Cauliflower for the first time a few weeks ago and oh my this is seriously yummy stuff.  This is now in our regular veggie side dish rotation.


I went through my yarn stash last weekend and Annika enjoyed picking out some yarns.  Now that I have everything organized hopefully I can start a few projects.


We have been on a two week break after finishing school and are just starting our summer lessons today.  Working on spelling and math over the summer.  With some fun science and Spanish added in.  Zane is going to keep on with Reading Eggs.  All the kids are signed up at the library for their summer reading program.

Bringing me joy:

Sunshine.  Swimming with kids.  Growing my own veggies.  Taking walks with the kids.  Spending “date nights” at home with the hubby after the kids are in bed.

Thinking about:

How much the kids are growing.  Would like to put the breaks on it sometimes.

Pictures to share:


Summer School Schedule 2012

I thought I would share what our summer schedule looks like.  We are keeping in the routine of still having a little structured school time each day.  We are either doing lessons in the morning or afternoon depending on what outings we have planned for the day.

  • We are starting our day with a morning prayer and then I am either reading or we are listening to the Chronicles of Narnia, we are about to start the book Prince Caspian.  The kids are really enjoying these books.
  • Jude is doing math daily since we decided to start a new math curriculum, I wanted to have him try it out over the summer.  I used two other math curriculum over the school year and just did not feel they were a good fit for his learning style so we have found a new program that I am excited to try out.  After the first week Jude told me this is his favorite math we have done, although he never complained about the others I tend to agree with him.
  • We also are doing Science on Monday through Thursday, we got behind in our Science curriculum this year so we are finishing up this summer.  The other kids are doing Science with Jude since they enjoyed the lessons we did during the school year.
  •  I am also doing  Social Skill/Life Skills lessons  with the kids on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  I have wanted to do a class like this for awhile and I will share what we are doing for this in a seperate post.
  •  I am doing drawing lessons on Tuesday and Thursday from the book Drawing With Children we are using the lessons plans from here.
  • Jude is reading the Chronicles of Prydain a little at a time and narrating to me.  I am trying to get him to read some things on his own other then Star Wars books and he seems to be enjoying this book so far.
  • All the kids are signed up and participating in our libraries summer reading program.
  • Jude and Annika are signed up for Time 4 Learning for the summer.  Jude did this online curriculum last summer and really enjoyed it and Annika was eager to do it too.  They usually spend some time of this daily.
  • All the kids are taking swimming lessons once a week, Jude is in Tae Kwon Do twice a week, and Jude and Annika are taking golf lessons once a week.
I made a binder for our summer schedule.  The cover has all the lessons listed for each child, a list of their activities, and a list of possibles outings for us.  I also have a clipboard with a calendar with more specifics on what we are covering each day and also I noted weeks we will not being doing any lessons.

I made a basket to pull our summer lessons from to put in our wall pouches and I also have a basket not pictured with our art supplies.  I made a nature basket and I will add to it and change it over the summer.