Moments From Our Week 15

*  Miller moths, argghh!!!  So these pesky moths are supposed to migrate to Colorado but some of these annoying moths decided to take up residence in our kitchen ceiling fan.  After swatting about 30 of them with my hubby one night before bed we resorted to the plastic wrap your ceiling fan method.  We also set up some moth drowning stations for a few nights.  Fill a large bowl with some soapy water and set up under a lamp overnight and in the morning you have a bowl of drowned moths.  I thought about taking a picture of it for the blog, but it icked me out too much.  Of course dealing with these for a few nights led to some poor nights of sleep, but I’m happy to report we have won and the moths are gone.  I’m not sure how soon we will take the plastic wrap off the ceiling fan, its a nice converstation starter.

*  Jude left for camping with his cousin and Aunt and Uncle so Annika and Zane had a slumber party.  Annika has wanted Zane to spend the night with her for a long time since they have never shared a room.  I told her that when he was 3 we would let them do it.  They started the evening with watching a movie in Annika’s bed and enjoying popcorn and chocolate milk.  Then there was playing and dancing on the bed.  The plan was for Zane to sleep on the trundle bed but he ended up so wired that we put him in his bed, but they had a fun evening together.

*Annika created these roller skates by taking the lego duplo wheel pieces, some string, and her flip flops.  I guess it might be time to buy her some real roller skates.

*Zane and Annika got to play in the sprinkler for the first time of the season.  My kids absolutely love playing in the sprinkler.

Moments from our week 4

Annika practicing her knitting. (yes she has crazy hair, dunking your head in the sand and water table will do that)

Zane came out with Jude’s hat and a soccer ball and was very serious about playing soccer. He could hardly see around the hat but was having a blast.

My sister and I got our kids together this week and had a field trip to a local nature center.

My sister and my nephew George.

Sweet baby George.

Annika my bug whisperer, that girl loves bugs.

Nature Walk

Zane saw Brandon highlighting letters and wanted to do it too. He was really focused.

Brothers wrestling.

Annika playing pretend and tucking in her baby.  Zane looks slightly distressed in this picture but that was part of his role as the baby.  He is very good at dramatic play.

Rainbow fish craft from letter F week.

Our first pile of fall leaves.

Button sorting activity.

Zane enjoyed the sorting.

Anytime he noticed that he put the button in the wrong spot he would take it out and make a dramatic “ahhh ha ha” laugh before putting the button in the correct place.

Moments from our week 3

Annika working on her letter “E” Do-A-Dot.  The kids are really loving these markers.

Zane also enjoying Do-A-Dots. I think Zane may end up being a lefty like his big brother.

I introduced block 1 of the Montessori Cylinder Blocks to Zane. Look at the focus.

Brandon working on putting buttons on our number elephant cards for “E” week.

A field trip to Botanica, we had to visit the butterfly house one last time before it closes for the season. Annika has always had a way with butterflies.

Cute sibling picture.

Annika loves to keep the crayons sharpened.

Jude spent about an hour one afternoon drawing illustrations in his Jedi Book.


The past month has kept me very busy with first planning for our school year and then starting our school year.  Zane has been cutting all 4 of his 2 year molars and he is miserable when he is teething.  I have been spoiled by his great night sleeping, which went away with the teething.  There have been lots of night wakings and early mornings for us.  Then plenty of “mommy uppy” during the day and lots of melting down for the sleepy boy.  The only nice thing about this is that I know this is only temporary and we are in the home stretch, YAY!  I have a few other posts I am working on about our school year.  I am really looking forward to all the learning and growing the kids will do this year.  Since it has been a month since my last post I thought I would share a slide show with some snapshots of what we have been up to.

What we have been up to…

We have been enjoying the start of our summer routine around here.  Jude for some reason is not complaining about doing his school lessons, which is very nice.  I have scaled back lessons for the summer but for some reason he has been oddly motivated, okay I will not over analyze this and just enjoy it.  Jude and Annika just started their 3rd month of swim lessons and are loving the water.  They really had not been in the water very much before and both of them really love it.  Annika started her 2nd series of ballet/tap lessons last week and Jude started Tae Kwon Do last night.  More about the Tae Kwon Do later.  We have been typically been doing daytime outings one time during the week.  We have jumped into our nature theme activities this week and I look forward to doing this with the kids over the summer.

Here our some pictures of some of the way the kids are keeping busy.

Some sibling wrestling time is always fun.

Brothers Wrestling.

From time at the Wichita Art Museum, bat brothers.

I had to get this picture of Zane in his jammies, he was marching with the flag and stopped to give me this camera smile.

Annika needed to get in on posing too.

The kids have been enjoying drawing and other arts and crafts activities.

It’s always fun to play beach inside.

And of course there has been plenty of time playing outside, Zane was showing the kids a bug he found in this picture.

Best Friends

If you ask Jude or Annika they will tell you that they are best friends. Here are a few pictures of them having fun together.

They were doing some imaginative play here, something about the sea I think. Maybe he was rescuing her.

Then there was wrestling.

Then there was chasing.