Journal (Third Edition)

Outside my window:  A chilly morning, but will be in the mid 50’s today.

Clothing myself in: 
Still in my jammies.

Around the house:
I finally steam cleaned the kitchen carpet.  It looked better for a few days.  We add to our Christmas decorations each week in Advent. This Sunday our Christmas tree will go up.  The kids look forward to the new decorations each week.
The kiddos:  
All are doing well.  Jude will finish up with TaeKwonDo Monday until next month.  It is always nice when he has a break.  We have enjoyed taking the kids to some holiday events.  We have enjoyed a fireworks show and lights at the local botanical gardens the past few weeks.

In the kitchen: 
On the menu: Tuna Noodles, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Chicken Parmesan, Tacos, breakfast. Baking this sweet bread today for St. Lucy’s feast day.  Also making some mini cheesecakes for a recipe exchange tonight.

 Annika’s Christmas dress is done and I have started sewing a skirt for myself.  Annika picked out the purple sparkly fabric.
Annika's Dress

We are having a good school week.  Jude is doing much better with a positive attitude after Jason and I both talked with him.  Annika’s reading is improving all the time and she really is enjoying the books I have picked out for her at the library.  Working on Jude reading books other than Star Wars, he seems to be enjoying the couple of books I have picked out for him.  I have been using the booklists on this blog to choose the kids books.

Bringing me joy:
looking at Christmas lights with the kids, our daily Advent activities, seasonal baking, seeing the children open their books that St. Nicholas brought them last week.  I love how excited they get to see one another open their gifts.

Thinking about:
The new year ahead and starting my new business.  I finally feel ready to launch and I am excited.   I celebrated my 37th birthday and have been thinking about enjoying the blessings before me everyday.

Pictures to share: 
JudeFaces Painted
Kids with Santa St. Nicholas Day

Journal (Second Edition)

Outside my window:  A beautiful fall day!  Mostly sunny and in the mid 60’s, love this weather.

Clothing myself in: 
Dark jeans, red long sleeve t-shirt, a cream colored cardigan, and of course tennis shoes.

Around the house:  
I still need to steam clean the kitchen carpet.  I am glad that I put it off since we had a big yogurt spill the other day.  Kitchen carpet, grrrr!  I have been cleaning the house and starting to take down our fall decor and prepare for Advent decorations this weekend.
The kiddos:  
They are enjoying the beautiful weather and playing outside a lot today.   Annika came to me one morning this week telling me about the jet pack she just invented and all it’s features.  We did of a recording of her invention.

In the kitchen: 
On the menu: golden honey chicken with rice, salmon patties and oven fries, goulash, and chicken & noodles, breakfast.  I baked a couple of loaves of gluten free bread today.  Some for lunch and some for the freezer.

 I purchased fabric for Annika’s Christmas dress, Annika picked it out and she is finally getting a purple dress!  I purchased the Olivia Peasant Dress Pattern on Etsy, it is a super simple pattern and I will be able to use it lots of times.  I have had some fabric for awhile for a skirt for myself and I think I might sew it up now.

We are having a good school week.  Still working with Jude on the whole attitude thing.  He wants all free time and no school work.  The grumps and groans are so much fun, I joined in one day.  He has no actual complaints about our curriculum, he actually enjoys it once he gets started.

Bringing me joy: 
the kids playing for hours together, Annika and the songs she makes up, lego creations by Jude, Zane’s smile, and my awesome hubby.

Thinking about:
Advent, I ordered this for the Kindle.  I enjoy reading on the Kindle while I am on the exercise bike in the morning.  Zane was waking up really early again so I have not been able to exercise lately, but he seems to have settled down and has slept later this past week.

Pictures to share:
Annika was super excited that she finished book 2 of Explode The Code (our phonics program) this week.  She requested I take a picture of her with the new book, book 3.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Sewing and Knitting

I am posting again as part of  W.I.P. (work in progress) Wednesday to hopefully inspire some new project creativity.  Sewing and knitting projects have been very sparse over the past several months.  I did not sew Annika a Christmas dress this past December and I felt bad about it.  I had planned to, but it just didn’t happen.  I made it a priority to sew Annika an Easter dress again this year since it was also her birthday.  I always forget how much I enjoy sewing until I take the time to actually make something.  I’m hope to make more time for these projects in my life.

Last year I picked up McCalls pattern M5966 and decided I would use that pattern for the Easter dress.  I found some really colorful and fun cotton twill at Joann Fabrics and away I went. I really like how it turned out, if you want my full review you can read it here.  I really mastered a nice zipper on this dress by using the instructions on the zipper package, as opposed to what was in the pattern.  I also purchased an overlock foot for my sewing machine and used the overlock stitch to finish the seams and I loved how much nicer the inside of the dress looked.

I am hoping to have some fun knitting projects started pretty soon.  Here are a few projects I have plans for:  My oh so cute nephew George needs this sweater for the fall and this cardigan has been calling my name for quite some time.  I figure maybe if I start on these projects now I can have them done by fall.

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well this first one is Annika’s finished Easter dress. I ran a little short on time making this dress so I decided to use the same pattern as Annika’s Christmas dresss.  Annika and I had a shopping trip where she picked out the fabric.   I had planned on just using a solid colored ribbon for the waist but when I saw the polka dot ribbon I thought it woud look cute.  I think it turned out nicely and Annika loved it, which is most important.

My other main project right now is this sweet little baby girl dress I am knitting.  I have most of it done just knitting away on the skirt of the dress.  I can’t wait to send this gift.

If you would like to join up and show off your projects join us at W.I.P. Wednesday here.

W.I.P. Wednesday: The Christmas Dress

I finished Annika’s Christmas Dress and just love how it turned out.  I’ve used the pattern Simplicity 5827 and you can read my review of the pattern here.  I love the embroidered corduroy that I purchased from Joann’s for the dress, it is very soft and nice to sew with.  Annika loved the dress and it was a great fit.

If you want to participate in W.I.P. Wednesday join up here.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Knitting and Sewing

I am knitting along on a Wicked Sweater for myself and I am loving this yarn.  Here is a shot of how much I have done.

I also have been working on Annika’s Christmas dress.  I am using Simplicity 5827 and I love this pattern.  I definitely will be using this pattern again.  I plan to finish the dress this weekend, it still needs a zipper, ribbon detailing, and hemmed.

Here is the link to join W.I.P. Wednesday and show off your creations.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Mystery Project and Birthday Dress

Here is a picture of my “mystery” project from last week.  I like how it is turning out and should have it done in a few days.

When I made the knitted toys for Zane and Annika’s birthday, I promised to make Jude a gingerbread man from this book, so that project will be coming up next.

Last week I was saying how I had not been knitting much and now that I have solved that problem I need to get myself acquinted with my sewing machine again.  It has been a few months and I still owe Annika her birthday dress, yes her birthday was in April.  My sewing desk is all cleaned off and ready for me to go.  Looking at my sewing desk I am also reminded that I still need to make a cover for sewing machine. One of the sewing books I own has a great pattern and it would look much nicer than my dish towel cover.