Moments from Our Week 19

This week we focused on settling into our school schedule and enjoyed some fun activities for our first week of school.  Our first week of school went really well and it was so nice to back into a routine after being off a routine the past few weeks.

A few years ago we baked an apple pie decorated with a letter “A” crust and we did something similar this year with a few embellished A’s on our pie crust.  The crust is gluten free and I used the pie crust from this recipe.

We visited a nature center that we don’t visit frequently and invited along Grandpa to join us.

Jude and Annika enjoyed the activities in the nature center.

Zane did not like the animal noises in the nature center and could not wait to get out of the building.

We enjoyed a walk on the trails outside and although the water was very low we got to see a bunch of turtles and some fish swimming.  The fish inspired the pictures of Zane, Annika, and Jude pretending to be fish.

We had a backyard picnic for lunch at the end of the week. Zane is pouty in these pictures because he was demanding I make him another sandwich.  Three year olds can be so much fun!

On Saturday we baked and decorated a cake for the Nativity of Mary. And celebrated this day as we have done the past 2 years.  Annika made the Mary drawing for the cake.

It was a great start to our school year this week and I am excited to see how much the kids will learn and grow this year.

Moments From Our Week 17

These are a few moments from our last two weeks.

A nature walk on a beautiful morning.  A few of our nature finds.

I believe this spider was carrying an egg sac.

A beautiful Kansas day.

The kids with Jason on Father’s Day.

Jude spent a whole week at a Star Wars themed day camp.  I sure missed having him around, but was very happy he had so much fun.  Here is a picture of Jedi Master Jude.

Moments from our week 13

So it seems when I have too much going on in my brain I am incapable of blogging.  Yesterday I decided to do a brain dump and write down everything that was going on in my head and try to free myself of this obsessive thinking.  So what it amounted to was mostly the ” to do lists” that are rattling around my brain, short and long term things.  I categorized them and I am working on making some goals to work in different areas of my list each week.  This seems to have settled my mind for now, so here I am with my moments from the last few weeks.

Joy of homeschooling,  Annika practicing her reading with her stuffed animals.

Nature walks, I think yes!

Annika had her last soccer game.  Annika playing soccer, it was quite an experience, that’s all I’m saying.

Mother’s day was very nice.  The kids were so excited to give me the coffee mug they picked out for me.  I lost count of the number of times Zane told me happy mother’s day.  We spent a nice day together even with Zane’s extreme mood swings that day.

This is Zane in the morning.  He is really sensitive to light in the morning and sometimes flips out about it, so I cleverly solved this problem by keeping his sunglasses handy in the morning.

Annika showing some new tricks she has been working on.

Moments from our week 12

I’m trying to get back into my routine for my moments of the week posts.  So these are from the past month 🙂

A start of spring nature walk.  I cherish these walks with the kids.

Zane has been transitioning out of naps and some days needs them and others not.  Sometimes this means he drops and fall asleep, this day it was by my feet in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner.

Four straight days of rain is more than my sun loving body can handle but the kids were overjoyed with playing in the rain.  I remember how much I loved playing in the rain as a kid.

Annika’s made a hairbow shop.  Annika is always coming up with ideas of things to sell.   Grammy was her first customer.

Annika wanted to try out soccer this spring and well it has been quite the experience.  We don’t see soccer in her future but I’m glad she got to give it a try.  She’s a little more Miss Congeniality on the field than soccer player, lots of bouncing around and waving.

Annika helping me with some yard work.  She always likes to tell me how much she likes helping me and gives me lots of hugs.

My pegleg pirate, saying “Arghhh!”

Lovely spring morning at our local botanical gardens.  Zane was petting the ant in the sand area.

They loved running around in circles in this area at the gardens.

We have been settling into a new routine with school and a new routine in general with my hubby working full time now.  I’m still working on getting my new business started and all the details that come with starting this business.  This weekend we embarked on the start of potty training Zane, wish us luck.

Moments from our week 7

We began our study of Ancient History at the beginning of the school year and one of our topics has been archaeology.  We started by reading the book Archaeologists Dig for Clues. This past week we did the activity “dig your own archaeological site” from the book Old Testament Days.  I loved the look on Jude’s face when I told him we would take a hammer to the pot and dig it up, he looked at me like I was a little crazy.


Drawing the pieces and labeling them so that we could put it back together.  I need to get an after picture of the pot after it was glued back together.

There was plenty of playtime this week.

The highlight of my week was a beautiful nature walk on a crisp fall day.

Moments from our week 4

Annika practicing her knitting. (yes she has crazy hair, dunking your head in the sand and water table will do that)

Zane came out with Jude’s hat and a soccer ball and was very serious about playing soccer. He could hardly see around the hat but was having a blast.

My sister and I got our kids together this week and had a field trip to a local nature center.

My sister and my nephew George.

Sweet baby George.

Annika my bug whisperer, that girl loves bugs.

Nature Walk

Zane saw Brandon highlighting letters and wanted to do it too. He was really focused.

Brothers wrestling.

Annika playing pretend and tucking in her baby.  Zane looks slightly distressed in this picture but that was part of his role as the baby.  He is very good at dramatic play.

Rainbow fish craft from letter F week.

Our first pile of fall leaves.

Button sorting activity.

Zane enjoyed the sorting.

Anytime he noticed that he put the button in the wrong spot he would take it out and make a dramatic “ahhh ha ha” laugh before putting the button in the correct place.

Moments from our week

We celebrated the feast of the Birth of Mary on September 8th but I thought I would include it on this weeks post.  We celebrated it like we did last year and prayed a Hail Mary for each candle.  Annika drew a picture of Mary and helped me decorate the cake.














I won, I won!  I won The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook in a giveaway at Emmanuel Books. This book had been on my wish list for the year. I have always been interested in making lapbooks, I think the kids will really enjoy making them. I already had a couple of the Faith Folder Ebooks from Emmanuel Books on my wishlist.

Jude and Harley Bear doing their spelling lesson together.





Our first nature walk of the school year.  It was nice to get to wear our jackets 🙂





Annika and her bunny Sweetheart on the nature walk.







Zane and his hedge apples.






Painting Caterpillars for “C” Week





Annika’s purple caterpillar