Finishing up the school year and little rockstars.

I had anticipated blogging more about our school year during the year but that just didn’t happen.  I am planning some upcoming posts about our school year.  We will finish up our “school year” by the end of this month and I am working out a summer schedule.  I will be including some reading, phonics, and math lessons in our summer schedule but it will definitely be a relaxed schedule.  I am also planning to use our Little Acorn Learning guides over the summer and enjoy these nature based activities.  We will also continue enjoying art projects and music.  Speaking of music, I have two little rockstars that can really rock out on their “guitars”.

Nature Walk

Last week we left in the morning with our colored pencils and nature notebooks in hand to enjoy a lovely nature walk. It was a beautiful sunny morning with a few fluffy clouds and a little cool breeze. Here are some pictures from our walk.

My very cute walking companions.

Must have a picture making silly faces.

The kids trying to find some wildlife in the creek. Brandon was hoping to see an alligator and Annika was hoping to see a whale, it seems we need a book about what wildlife would live in creeks 🙂

The kids jumping like frogs down the path.

More frog jumps.

From Birds to Weather

We had been doing some observation and reading about birds with the kids.

This is the basket I had set up with books, magazines, and some bird cards. My kids and daycare kids enjoyed all of these. Those are books that were checked out from the library.

Grammy gave us these for the kids.

I was brainstorming on what to do next and since its been so stormy here lately I decided the topic of weather would be a good one.
So here is the new basket and books.

I also have been wanting to make something for Jude to post the weather forecast on and came up with this idea. For daycare last month we made a felt storyboard using the leftover felt from the sound pouches. I had not used the storyboard yet and decided I would turn it into a weatherboard and make another one for stories. I used stiffened felt for the numbers and pictures on the board. I still need finish the numbers for the dates but I had to share a picture.

Green Hour

Here’s another great post from Elizabeth Foss about getting kids outside for exploration and a link for ideas on outdoor activities. This is something I really started doing last fall having regular time outdoors with the kids exporing nature. I saw huge changes in Jude after we started doing this. He loves spending time outside very much and asked for tv much less when we started spending more time outdoors.

Bird Watching

It’s the perfect time of year for little lessons in science as we see trees and other plants growing. We also have been keeping an eye on birds, Jude has really gotten into this.

Here is Richie and Jude doing some bird watching and checking out the book Backyard Birds.

Here’s our friendly male cardinal that is a regular. There is a female too but she is a little camera shy.

Annika decided she wanted to explore this bush up close.

I realized after taking the picture she had a bee right next to her head, yikes!

Jesse Bear and Spring Air

So last week we started out with our first book from Before Five In A Row which was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear. I am doing this with the daycare directly after our morning circle time. I was pleased that all the kids were really into it, this was a great book and they enjoyed the activities that we did each day with the book. I think Annika liked the book best of all, I read it to her a lot. I am excited to start with the new book this week. I am checking the books out from the library to use for this. I had also checked out a bird book from the Library called Backyard Birds and Jude was excited to identify his first bird from this book one evening. He knows Robins, Cardinals, and BlueJays but he saw a Mourning Dove, it was neat to see him excited about this. Last week was a great week outside and there was plenty of time to explore and dig in the dirt, Spring is great!