Jan Brett

I thought I would share about one of the author illustrator’s we have come to love in our house, Jan Brett. A few books we enjoy are The Mitten and Gingerbread Friends. If you have not read any of of her books you can check them out at the library. The illustrations are so great and there are side stories in pictures as you read the story. One of the activities we do after reading the story is to go back through the book and have the kids create a story about what is happening in the side illustrations, the kids love doing this. Jan Brett also has this great website with lots of fun activities, coloring pages, and games. I also have been using her interactive calendar since last fall to create my monthly activity calendars. Things I include on our calendar are Church feast days and our weekly themes and activities from our Little Acorn Learning Guides, this helps me stay organized throughout the month. So if you have not checked out Jan Brett before, enjoy!!


Last week in our Little Acorn Learning Guides we had the turtle as our theme. Here are few things we made last week.

Turtle Coloring Sheets

We also made little turtles out of “spiny balls” from our Sweet Gum Tree and Wooden Beads. The kids arranged them and picked out what they wanted and I used a hot glue gun to put them together.

And this is a cute picture I thought I would share. The kids arranged this all on their own and I’m not sure what the game was but they would sit and then get up and run circles on the deck and then sit again, it was very cute!

Rainy Week Fun…

I found it appropriate that our weekly theme from our Little Acorn Learning Curriculum this week was Rain and Pouring. We had quite a bit of rain this week. We started our week at Little Hands Playschool by making some new playdoh. The playdoh was played with through the week. We did enjoy time outside between the rain and took some bubbles out this week and decorated the driveway with chalk. We enjoyed a few books from the library In the Rain with Baby Duck and Rainstorm. We also did some observation of our worm friend. It was a good week for all of us and super tiring for me.

Mixing Playdough

Drawing with chalk

Enjoying bubbles

Tree Exploration

Worm Observation

Little Hands Playschool Is Open Again

I opened up the daycare last week after taking time off for Zane’s birth. I had two kids that returned this week and my last child will return next week. This week our theme is the Earth just in time for Earth Day. It was a great week to open back up, the weather was so warm and nice, it was nice to get our rhythm back.

Here are some pictures from our activities.

Our book selections for the week.

Making Bread Dough. The kids also played with cars in flour on the table, you might notice the car next to the dough.

Outdoor Play, beautiful spring weather

Even our cat pumpkin was up for some outdoor exploration

A cardinal came to sing to us

Here’s what baby Zane does while we explore, sleeps on his mama in the wrap

For Earth Day we made Tin Can Herb Pots.

Digging for worms, we made a worm habitat to observe worms for a few days.

Annika holding our worm habitat

Little Hands Playschool

I thought I would share some photos of what we are doing in my daycare. I am still using the Little Acorn Learning curriculum and then I also have my own activities that I weave into our days.

Homemade playdoh, flour, little dough rollers, and cookie cutters makes for some creative play. Add in trains and cars for extra fun.

Coloring is always fun.

Painting with ice cubes that had food coloring and were frozen onto a stick.

Nature Play, please scoop dirt on me 🙂

Let’s bake some sunshine bread. This bread was delicious!

Impressive tower building with big blocks.

Starting New Again

After taking our trip to Idaho I have been getting back into our routine at home. It has been a challenge for me since I have not been feeling great but that seems to coming around since I’m almost in my second trimester. The weather being cooler and getting outside more has been very nice for me and the kids. We started our Little Acorn Learning Curriculum and we are enjoying the activities and the rhythm that this brings to our day. I have then been working with Jude one on one in the afternoon when the others are napping. Right now its just Annika and another little boy in my daycare. I do have a new little boy starting in my daycare at the end of the month. I have been figuring out the past few weeks what I need to be working on with Jude in the afternoon and I plan to put down a schedule for myself so I make sure I cover what I need too.

Here are a few pictures of what we have been doing:

Making Playdoh

Our new bird chart

My chalkboard drawing (From Little Acorn Learning our weekly themes are put on chalkboards at the start of the week, poor me I stink at drawing but fortunately the kids think they are good) This is a circle of hands if you are wondering. We were talking about family that week.

Our Little Hands Playschool Hands, we will be adding more hand prints as I get more kids again.