W.I.P. Wednesday: Knitting Again

I decided after my last few productive knitting weeks I would participate in W.I.P. Wednesday again.

I have been doing some purging of fabric and yarn from the closet in the room we refer to as the croffice, the place where I have my crafty stuff and sewing machine, which is also our office.  So I pulled all of my yarn and sorted through it and decided what to keep and what to sell.  When I opened up those yarn tubs it made me want to start knitting again, I had not done any knitting lately.  My hubby had suggested a few weeks before that I knit some stuff for my Etsy Shop since I have been looking at earning some money to go towards my new business.  Initially I did not imagine myself wanting to do this since I have been so busy, but when I saw the yarn and thought about how relaxing knitting is for me I decided I would give it a try.

Here is my yarn after I purged.  This does not include a wall organizer in our bedroom with yarn.

5 newborn hats that I made knitting one a day for 5 days.  The top two are made from a organic wool cotton blend yarn and the bottom three are made from organic cotton.

These are 2 of the wool soakers I have made and I have a 3rd ready to start.  These are made with 100purewool one of favorites for hand painted wool, this yarn is super soft and the colors are always amazing.

Here is Just Peachy Knits on Etsy not looking as bare as it did a few weeks ago.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Sewing and Knitting

I am posting again as part of  W.I.P. (work in progress) Wednesday to hopefully inspire some new project creativity.  Sewing and knitting projects have been very sparse over the past several months.  I did not sew Annika a Christmas dress this past December and I felt bad about it.  I had planned to, but it just didn’t happen.  I made it a priority to sew Annika an Easter dress again this year since it was also her birthday.  I always forget how much I enjoy sewing until I take the time to actually make something.  I’m hope to make more time for these projects in my life.

Last year I picked up McCalls pattern M5966 and decided I would use that pattern for the Easter dress.  I found some really colorful and fun cotton twill at Joann Fabrics and away I went. I really like how it turned out, if you want my full review you can read it here.  I really mastered a nice zipper on this dress by using the instructions on the zipper package, as opposed to what was in the pattern.  I also purchased an overlock foot for my sewing machine and used the overlock stitch to finish the seams and I loved how much nicer the inside of the dress looked.

I am hoping to have some fun knitting projects started pretty soon.  Here are a few projects I have plans for:  My oh so cute nephew George needs this sweater for the fall and this cardigan has been calling my name for quite some time.  I figure maybe if I start on these projects now I can have them done by fall.

Moments from our week 4

Annika practicing her knitting. (yes she has crazy hair, dunking your head in the sand and water table will do that)

Zane came out with Jude’s hat and a soccer ball and was very serious about playing soccer. He could hardly see around the hat but was having a blast.

My sister and I got our kids together this week and had a field trip to a local nature center.

My sister and my nephew George.

Sweet baby George.

Annika my bug whisperer, that girl loves bugs.

Nature Walk

Zane saw Brandon highlighting letters and wanted to do it too. He was really focused.

Brothers wrestling.

Annika playing pretend and tucking in her baby.  Zane looks slightly distressed in this picture but that was part of his role as the baby.  He is very good at dramatic play.

Rainbow fish craft from letter F week.

Our first pile of fall leaves.

Button sorting activity.

Zane enjoyed the sorting.

Anytime he noticed that he put the button in the wrong spot he would take it out and make a dramatic “ahhh ha ha” laugh before putting the button in the correct place.

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well this first one is Annika’s finished Easter dress. I ran a little short on time making this dress so I decided to use the same pattern as Annika’s Christmas dresss.  Annika and I had a shopping trip where she picked out the fabric.   I had planned on just using a solid colored ribbon for the waist but when I saw the polka dot ribbon I thought it woud look cute.  I think it turned out nicely and Annika loved it, which is most important.

My other main project right now is this sweet little baby girl dress I am knitting.  I have most of it done just knitting away on the skirt of the dress.  I can’t wait to send this gift.

If you would like to join up and show off your projects join us at W.I.P. Wednesday here.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Knitting and Sewing

I am knitting along on a Wicked Sweater for myself and I am loving this yarn.  Here is a shot of how much I have done.

I also have been working on Annika’s Christmas dress.  I am using Simplicity 5827 and I love this pattern.  I definitely will be using this pattern again.  I plan to finish the dress this weekend, it still needs a zipper, ribbon detailing, and hemmed.

Here is the link to join W.I.P. Wednesday and show off your creations.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Finished Slippers

One of my works in progress right now is organizing my craft space.  I have made a mess of our “croffice” (craft space/office) by pulling out all my yarn.  I started going through all this last weekend and organizing my sewing supplies again.  It is close to being finished.

Here’s a few shots of my mess.

I finished my French Press Felted Slippers today.  Details can be found here on my Ravelry Page.  I’m in love with these slippers 🙂  I’m also happy to say I did not have any issues felting in my front loader washing machine.

I also have the earflap hats completed and listed on my Etsy Shop Spring Green Hat and Fall Leaves Hat.

W.I.P. Wednesday: Hats and Pretty Scarf

Last week I finished and gave this hat to a friend for her very cute baby boy.  You can see the little cutie with me here.

These are two other earflap hats that I am knitting for my Etsy Store Just Peachy Knits.  I just need to put on the earflaps and pompoms.

Last year my sister gave me this beautiful yarn and pattern for a scarf.  Since the weather will be cooling off I decided I should get this finished up.  I’m excited to be able to wear it.

I have my eye on the pattern French Press Felted Slippers on Ravelry.  I need some nice warm slippers for around the house and these are so fashionable too.

Happy Knitting 🙂