Journal: Tea Party

Outside my window:

It’s a lovely cool fall morning.  Looks like the afternoons will be warm this week but with the cooler mornings it is nice balance.

Around the house:

I steam cleaned the floors last week, happy dance!  I got off schedule with my carpet cleaning over the summer and now I can start fresh again.  It was a busy day yesterday so we all have some general house tidy to do this morning before we start our school day.

The kiddos:

Zane is looking forward to his first Den meeting tomorrow for Cub Scouts.  He puts on his scout uniform any chance he gets.

Jude has been working on lego videos and wants to have his own youtube channel.  I am still looking into this.  He wants me to show him how to upload and edit them.  He goes downstairs each morning and makes  a new video.  He has been doing this for a few weeks now.

Annika’s had so much fun hosting her tea party last week.  I loved seeing the girls play together and listen to all the giggles.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Bierock Casserole, Chicken Tacos, Chili, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Chicken and Noodles, Pizza.


I guided Annika through sewing up a quilted potholder.  We are going to be making these in a few with her American Heritage Girls troop and wanted to make one to show the girls.  It was a fun simple project.


We are trying to keep on a good school routine each day.  My younger two have been lacking motivation to quit playing and get started on their lessons for the day, so we are still working on it.  Last week Annika came out of her room with her little “sister” Anna.  Apparently she thought if she dressed Zane like a girl and was playing with him I wouldn’t make her start on her school work.  Zane thought this sounded like a good idea.  Annika really enjoyed having Zane be her “sister”.  She always talks about wanting a sister and she really loved every minute he played with her as Anna.  She still had to do her school work.

Bringing me joy:

Mini date with the hubby last Friday.  A little time at Starbucks and then a bunch of grocery shopping.  I told him he makes a much better shopping partner then the kids because he does not beg and whine for treats.

Thinking about:

Keeping a good schedule this week to be able to get done everything I want to do.

Keeping God at the center of each day.

Nourishing my children’s love of learning while still doing the lessons that are necessary but not was much fun.

Pictures to Share:
Tea party Set Up

Apple Spice Cupcakes. Annika made these and they were amazing. Untitled

Annika and Anna

Summer 2014

This summer was a good mix of relaxation, home organizing, decluttering, getting into a new routine, container gardening, and enjoying the sunshine. I worked on getting myself into a new routine by starting each morning with exercise and prayer. I had fallen away from this habit and really needed to get myself into this routine again. I spent time decluttering and organizing the house and planning our school year. The kids had the routine of a few school lessons everyday unless they had camp that week. It was a good balance of work and play. Jason took a few weeks off work so we did some fun family activities and he got some extra golf in. Here are some pictures from our summer.

Go Cart Fun!

Annika and Zane with their children.

Great Plains Nature Center
Zane playing with his new snake

Zane all ready to make Jason’s birthday cake.
The master egg cracker at work. He never gets shells in the bowl when he cracks egg.
The Cake.
Excited for Jason to open their present.

Jude and Annika off to Totus Tuus.
Zane made this creation on his sand and water table. He enjoys getting to play with me when they are at Totus Tuus.

4th of July. This is the first year we bought sparklers for them and they were impressed.

I took Zane to the bathroom and Annika was being stalked by this Peacock at the Zoo, it was really funny.
Silly Boys!

Zane’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Zane’s 5th Birthday on March 25th.  He was very excited leading up to his birthday about turning 5.  It is hard to believe that he has hit that milestone birthday.  We celebrated his birthday with family and he loved his presents.  He had been wanting a Lego set from the Lego movie and was excited to finally have one.

What size likes at age 5:  Legos, play battles with “weapons”, swimming, mom’s day out program, gymnastics, playing outside with neighbors, playing with siblings, learning to read with Reading Eggs, singing and choir, nature walks, going to the zoo and botanical gardens, making potions, and cooking with me.

Zane’s birthday cake.


Blowing out his candles.


Zane's 5th Birthday

A big birthday smile!


Very happy about his Lego movie set

Journal (Second Edition)

Outside my window:  A beautiful fall day!  Mostly sunny and in the mid 60’s, love this weather.

Clothing myself in: 
Dark jeans, red long sleeve t-shirt, a cream colored cardigan, and of course tennis shoes.

Around the house:  
I still need to steam clean the kitchen carpet.  I am glad that I put it off since we had a big yogurt spill the other day.  Kitchen carpet, grrrr!  I have been cleaning the house and starting to take down our fall decor and prepare for Advent decorations this weekend.
The kiddos:  
They are enjoying the beautiful weather and playing outside a lot today.   Annika came to me one morning this week telling me about the jet pack she just invented and all it’s features.  We did of a recording of her invention.

In the kitchen: 
On the menu: golden honey chicken with rice, salmon patties and oven fries, goulash, and chicken & noodles, breakfast.  I baked a couple of loaves of gluten free bread today.  Some for lunch and some for the freezer.

 I purchased fabric for Annika’s Christmas dress, Annika picked it out and she is finally getting a purple dress!  I purchased the Olivia Peasant Dress Pattern on Etsy, it is a super simple pattern and I will be able to use it lots of times.  I have had some fabric for awhile for a skirt for myself and I think I might sew it up now.

We are having a good school week.  Still working with Jude on the whole attitude thing.  He wants all free time and no school work.  The grumps and groans are so much fun, I joined in one day.  He has no actual complaints about our curriculum, he actually enjoys it once he gets started.

Bringing me joy: 
the kids playing for hours together, Annika and the songs she makes up, lego creations by Jude, Zane’s smile, and my awesome hubby.

Thinking about:
Advent, I ordered this for the Kindle.  I enjoy reading on the Kindle while I am on the exercise bike in the morning.  Zane was waking up really early again so I have not been able to exercise lately, but he seems to have settled down and has slept later this past week.

Pictures to share:
Annika was super excited that she finished book 2 of Explode The Code (our phonics program) this week.  She requested I take a picture of her with the new book, book 3.

Journal (1st Edition)

My sister and a few of my friends that blog have started doing these journal posts and since I have been in a bit of a posting rut I decided I would give it a go.

Outside my window:  It is dark and chilly.  It is supposed to be another nice fall day today.

Clothing myself in: 
My jammies, black fleece pants with colorful snowflakes and a long sleeve t shirt.  A big snuggly robe that was my moms.  I love this robe a whole lot!

Around the house:  
I have been working on some organization and decluttering.  As of the last few weeks my bedroom is no longer cluttered, I hung some pictures on the walls, and donated some items.  I have a few things left in the garage to deal with.  I was excited I sold my books from the Medical Transcription program on Ebay for a good price.  I have been working on getting things ready so I can launch my new business.  Yesterday I set up both our computers to print wirelessly to the printer, I’m real excited about this!  I really need to steam clean my kitchen carpet sometime in the next handful of days, its really icky.
The kiddos:  
Annika had to have some major dental work done this week and I am so impressed at how well she handled it.  I gave her a little stuffed snowman and she is carrying this around with her teddy bears now.  She named her Snow.  The kids have created a live version of Angry Birds that they play in the boys room.  You launch various stuffed animals, which are the birds, at other stuffed animals they have set up in the room.  They can play this for a very long time together and they all love it.  Jason and I were invited to play it the other evening.

In the kitchen:
On the menu:  Chili, Chicken Parmesan, Waffles and Sausages, Turkey and Rice Casserole, Tacos, and a big Thanksgiving Meal.  Made some peanut butter balls the other day and they are always a big hit with the kids.  I use this recipe and usually throw in some mini chocolate chips.

 I finished a scarf that has been my random pick up and knit project for a few years.  I gave it to Annika and she really likes it.  I recieved a message from a customer of my Etsy shop that bought a baby hat from me 5 years ago.  She said she was packing away the hat in her son’s memory box (he’s 5 now) and wanted to thank me for the fine work and that it was a very special hat to them.  Such a sweet gesture for her to let me know this after all that time.

Our schedule was off early last week because of Annika’s dental work but we ended the week well.  Jude and I had to have “the talk” this week about not rushing through his work.  He wants to get things done really quickly so he can have free time but we talked about him making a lot more mistakes when he does this and it then it takes more time for him to correct the mistakes.  Working with him to have a more positive attitude about school time, he seems to go in spurts with this.  He is doing well in school this year overall.  Annika’s reading is really taking off and she really enjoying this.  Zane still loves his school time with me and asks about it every day.

Bringing me joy: 
Decluttering, the kids playing together, thinking about the lunch date I have planned with the hubby today, and looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Thinking about: 
Advent preparations, Christmas gifts for the children, business plans, decluttering, people that are in my prayers, and parenting as I read this book.  I have really gotten a lot out of reading this book and plan to blog about it at some point.

Pictures to share: 
We recently enjoyed a lovely fall afternnoon at our local botanical gardens.

Potty Training and Soccer

When Annika played soccer last spring Zane was very excited and wanted to play soccer too.  Zane had just turned 3 and we were starting potty training.  Zane did not like the idea of using the potty at all!  We told Zane that when he potty trained then he would be big enough to play soccer.  I took a very laid back approach to his potty training and after a few months he was comfortable sitting on the potty.  Sometime during the summer he just decided one day that he was ready to start actually using the potty and after a successful day of using the potty he asked if he could play soccer now.  He consistently used the potty after that with very few accidents and when it was soccer sign up time he was excited about getting to play.  With the exception of a few hot evenings, Zane had fun and enjoyed learning how to play soccer.

His first evening of soccer.

Zane brought a lot of personality to soccer!

Scrimage on his last night.

Go blue team!

Zane’s team was the Lions.

Lions Roar!

Soccer Metal

His last night of soccer was a chilly evening so we celebrated with hot cocoa and whipped cream.

Moments From Our Week 15

*  Miller moths, argghh!!!  So these pesky moths are supposed to migrate to Colorado but some of these annoying moths decided to take up residence in our kitchen ceiling fan.  After swatting about 30 of them with my hubby one night before bed we resorted to the plastic wrap your ceiling fan method.  We also set up some moth drowning stations for a few nights.  Fill a large bowl with some soapy water and set up under a lamp overnight and in the morning you have a bowl of drowned moths.  I thought about taking a picture of it for the blog, but it icked me out too much.  Of course dealing with these for a few nights led to some poor nights of sleep, but I’m happy to report we have won and the moths are gone.  I’m not sure how soon we will take the plastic wrap off the ceiling fan, its a nice converstation starter.

*  Jude left for camping with his cousin and Aunt and Uncle so Annika and Zane had a slumber party.  Annika has wanted Zane to spend the night with her for a long time since they have never shared a room.  I told her that when he was 3 we would let them do it.  They started the evening with watching a movie in Annika’s bed and enjoying popcorn and chocolate milk.  Then there was playing and dancing on the bed.  The plan was for Zane to sleep on the trundle bed but he ended up so wired that we put him in his bed, but they had a fun evening together.

*Annika created these roller skates by taking the lego duplo wheel pieces, some string, and her flip flops.  I guess it might be time to buy her some real roller skates.

*Zane and Annika got to play in the sprinkler for the first time of the season.  My kids absolutely love playing in the sprinkler.