Annika joins Jude for some lessons

When I took a break a few months ago from my time working with Jude in the afternoon I told Annika when she turned 3 she could start doing “school” lessons with us in the afternoon. She outgrew the need for an afternoon nap a few months back. I had told her and Jude that after the baby was born we would resume lessons in the afternoon and that Annika would be joining us. Yesterday when I told them to come to the table for some lessons Annika started jumping up and down and Jude also was very excited telling Annika that she could join him now that she was 3.

We did some pretty simple activities and have moved on to the letter K. We read a book called The Kite. Annika did some transferring with tongs. Jude reviewed the months of the year. Annika did a worksheet with stickers. Then they played a matching game together. I realized how much I missed this time with Jude and now to have Annika join us was very nice too. With having my daycare it is so busy it is nice to have a relaxing time just with them while the other kids are napping. Jude was full of excitement and praise for Annika and told her what a great job she did on everything, he is such an amazing big brother and boy!

Here are a few pictures

Our lessons are a little sporadic these days.

I haven’t been keeping up with photos as much lately with our learning sessions.
Here are a couple of pictures I took in February and March of Jude’s lessons for the day.
We were doing the letter J those weeks. This also includes our lessons from RightStart Math.

Our one and one sessions have been more sporadic over the past month. With this pregnancy I have been trying to rest while my daycare kiddos do in the afternoon. I will say that I have been impressed because Jude will come up with his own lessons and be working on puzzles or reading and tells me he is doing school. I appreciate that this something he wants to do and that he so inventive.

Here is something inventive Jude built one afternoon. He said it was his dolphin shop.

Back to our routine.

So Jude and I have started back to our one on one time during naps. Here is what we have done the past few days. We are on letter H. We are continuing to use ideas from Serendipity’s Along the Alphabet Path and incorporating in Montessori concepts. I am also trying to add in more art to our daily routine.

Yesterday we read from Along the Alphabet Path. Jude wrote numbers on his blackboard. I introduced a box with rhyming objects. He traced the letter H sandpaper letters and was given free time to draw with oil pastels.

These are different Thomas train faces that Jude drew. The stuff that looks like hair on the heads is their funnel, dome, and whistle, he was very specific about this. The different colors are the different trains.

Today: Letter H dot to dot, Read 1st page from The Holy Family Book, Wrote the number 2, Rhyming Objects, Introduced beginning sound card, and provided him with the ingredients needed to make icing for the cake we made this morning.

Jude matching the pictures to their letters.

Jude had all the rhyming objects matched.

Along The Alphabet Path Letter B

So this week we started on lessons based on letter B and this is what we did:
From Serendipity we did the story A Brave Sentinel: A Letter B Story, Read about St. Bernadette from an Alphabet of Catholic Saints, traced sandpaper letters upper and lower case B’s, cutting sheet, glue on B templete and glued on beans.

This is Jude showing his my hands are messy with glue face

Read Brigid’s Cloak, dot to dot of B’s, b sound pouch, reviewed sandpaper letter A’s and did B’s on chalkboard, I also ended up adding a cutting sheet because Jude wanted to do one.

Counting buttons, language objects box, sandpaper letter B’s on chalkboard, cutting sheet, book Barnyard Dance

Jude liked matching up the language objects with the word cards.

Jude did really well this week and is getting into a routine of doing this. I’m planning to add some photos next week of what we have been doing in the morning with our Little Acorn Learning Curriculum.

More letter A

This was from our last day on letter A: Africa, Apple Counting, Addition worksheet, cutting worksheet, Autumn Leaves, Land/Air/Water Cards, Sandpaper Numbers

This is my really cool flip Atlas that I got super cheap on clearance at Borders. The kids love looking at it.

Land/Air/Water Cards

Tracing Sandpaper Numbers

Jude wanted me to take a picture of him when he was done with his work for the day.

Annika and the learning room

With Jason now working in the evening I decided it was time to try to have Annika join Jude in the learning room in the evening. Last weekend I set up some more materials that Annika would be able to do. Last night was the first night and it went pretty good except for Annika wanting to play with stuff on Jason’s desk, tonight I covered the desk with a blanket and it was not a problem. She has done well getting out one thing at a time and carrying it back to the shelf. She likes the cylinder blocks but they are a little heavy for her to carry by herself. Jude did well with her in there and continued his work. He was excited to have Annika in there too and when Annika tried to play with something in there he very sweetly told her that it was not a toy but for learning. He is such a sweet big brother. I am going to have to figure out a what to do with Annika when Jude sets up the alter because she wants to take all the stuff off the alter, which upsets Jude. So I will have to do some brainstorming on that one.

Here are the shelves and what’s on them.

Annika at work on a puzzle and cone sorting .

Jude working on the pink tower.

Jude at Work

I thought I would share some action shots of Jude in the learning room. He is so focused when he is working.

Here he is snuffing out the candles and putting away the mass kit.

Here he is working with putting out his months of the year cards.

Here he is working with the sound pouches.