Homeschool Reality

Since most of my blog readers know I like things organized I thought I would share our reality of what the kitchen looks like after our morning school time.

The table is covered in materials.

My sweet toddler has decorated the kitchen floor with books.

My toddler in action

This all does get cleaned up so we eat lunch at the table.  I guess that’s the plus side to using the kitchen for school.

Letter E week brought us some very yummy Eclairs.  This was my first attempt at making Eclairs and my little helpers and I did a fine job.

Letter D Dirt and Doughnuts

Annika was scraping a stick in some dirt the other day and Zane came over to check it out.  He was really impressed with the dirt and played in the little patch of dirt for a very long time.  It was one of those peaceful moments where I just enjoyed watching him discover and play.  He put in on his legs, he rubbed his legs on it, he picked it up and threw it, and of course he tasted a little, he didn’t seem impressed with his taste test.  I thought his dirt discovery would be perfect for my “D” week post.

We also made these Donuts this past week and they were super easy and very kid friendly to make.  The kids had a blast decorating them and these were super yummy.

I also have a picture of our book shelf for D week.

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School Time Fun Letters B and C

Here are a few things we have done for our weekly alphabet path theme.
Books, Beans, B Biscuits (we later used these biscuits for biscuits and gravy)
For letter C we painted with celery

Alphabet Path

I thought I would take a little time to post about how we are using the Alphabet Path this year. Here is a look at how I used the Alphabet Path previously with Jude (he was 4 at the time).  I am mostly doing the Alphabet Path with Annika but Jude has been doing the baking and art projects with us.  I am using the Alphabet Path as a supplement to Mater Amabilis our main curriculum.

Monday I start by introducing Annika to the letter of the week and read her the story from the Alphabet Path Storybook.  She colors the flower fairy from the Flower Fairy Coloring Book and we listen to the song from A Flower Fairy Alphabet CD.  Tuesday we talk about the letter and what sound it makes and think of words that begin with that letter, we look our sound pouch (scroll down in this post to see our sound pouches) for that letter.  Wednesday we use the letter templates from here and do an art project with the template.  Thursday we do picture study using the book Museum ABC for our letter that week.  Friday and throughout the week we enjoy our books for the letter that week.  We also take one day during the week to do a baking/cooking activity for our letter that week.  I enjoy the Alphabet Path curriculum because it gives us a weekly theme to build from and to incorporate some fun activities into our week.

First Week of School 2010

We had our first week of school last week and it went really great.  It was a nice to see all the planning I have done over the past month come together.  Jude and Annika were super excited to get started on school again and I enjoyed our learning time together.  I will have another post this week about what we our doing for school this year but for now I thought I would share a few pictures of some our activities from last week.

We our traveling the alphabet path again this year and last week was “A” week.  We made a letter “A” apple pie, it was super yummy.  Jude did some reading with Zane.  Jude and Annika did a nature collage on the cover of their nature notebooks and we did a melted crayon art project.

G is for Garden

Our shelf for the week. We enjoyed the books particularly Sunflower House. We used our 3 part cards for fruits this week, it seemed to fit into the garden theme. Also a chance to learn about the parts of the flower.

G is for St. George and Good Shepard

Letter G sound pouch (glasses, gorilla, golf club, guitar)

The kids planted some wildflower seeds in the back garden, hopefully they will see something grow 🙂

Garden songs to enjoy with the littles!

R is for Rainbow

Weekly Theme: Rainbows

The books we enjoyed. “Rainbow Crow” is a book we enjoy every year it is a must read in my opinion. The kids also love to thumb through and look at all the animals and other critters in “Living Color”.

Our letters and sound pouch (rainbow, racket, rod, rabbit, rug, and ring)

St. Rose from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

Resurrection from A is for Altar, B is for Bible