DIY Outdoor Plant Stand (AKA The Plant Crib)

I have been trying to decide what to do with my old drop side crib and of course checked pinterest for some inspiration.  At this same time I was also looking for ideas on what to use outside as a plant stand for my new vegetable container garden.  So after some looking around and seeing others using their cribs outdoors I came up with what we are calling the “plant crib”.  Here is a easy tutorial on how to make your own plant crib.

Materials you will need:

Old Crib
Plastic Drop Cloth
6-8 cans Krylon Paint + Primer Gloss (I purchased at Walmart)
1/4″ Sanded Plywood 2’x4′ (I purchased at Menards)

Here is a good video on preparing your furniture and spraying technique.  The kids sanded the crib and then I went over it again after they were done.  The crib was then wiped down and ready to be spray painted.  I used a plastic drop cloth and placed the crib on this outdoors.  I took the metal part of the crib off and painted it first and I then did the inside portion of the crib.  I placed the metal part back on and finished by spray painting the rest of the crib.

Here is a photo of the crib spray painting in progress.
Since I had some leftover house paint my daughter painted the plywood with this.  I then placed the plywood on and started to use it, my plan is to to finish it with some Krylon soon.  *Since I made this last month I would recommend that you drill drainage holes in the plywood before using the Krylon.  I had thought about that before I did it and as I suspected the water pools too much on the plywood if you do not.

Here is my daughter painting the plywood
The finished project

I love the look of it and I love how it makes the plants easy to water.  I like that mine is on casters because I can push it onto our covered patio when the weather get crazy.   Having the plants off the ground is nice too because I don’t have to worry about rabbits.  I left the drop side rail off and plan to make this plant stand with it next year.  So happy to have this crib not taking off space and making it useful again!

New Lessons For The Week

This week we have moved to introducing the moveable alphabet. I used the idea from this blog post in making my own moveable alphabet. Jude really has liked doing this the past few days. Up until now he has understood how the letter the word begins with is the sound of the word but I think now it it is finally clicking that its not just the “p” in pan that makes the word but all the letters together.
Here’s a picture of my alphabet letters and what Jude did today.

We also started Right Start Math this week and Jude has enjoyed our first two lessons. I will have to post pictures later of some if our lessons. After looking through the materials and the lessons I am very excited about this program and think it is going to be the perfect fit for us.

From Birds to Weather

We had been doing some observation and reading about birds with the kids.

This is the basket I had set up with books, magazines, and some bird cards. My kids and daycare kids enjoyed all of these. Those are books that were checked out from the library.

Grammy gave us these for the kids.

I was brainstorming on what to do next and since its been so stormy here lately I decided the topic of weather would be a good one.
So here is the new basket and books.

I also have been wanting to make something for Jude to post the weather forecast on and came up with this idea. For daycare last month we made a felt storyboard using the leftover felt from the sound pouches. I had not used the storyboard yet and decided I would turn it into a weatherboard and make another one for stories. I used stiffened felt for the numbers and pictures on the board. I still need finish the numbers for the dates but I had to share a picture.

Practical Life Trays

So here are the two practical life trays I put together for Annika and Jude.
Using a Dropper and Spooning

Annika loved the spooning and did it for around 30 minutes. The measuring spoon worked well for this.
Here’s an action shot.

Jude wanted to do the dropper but he did not want to watch me demonstrate and so we ended up putting it away. We’ll see if he is more interested another day.

Card Pouches

From my post Learning Room and Materials Part 2 I gave a great link to free downloadable Montessori cards and a link for making pouches. Here is what I have done with some of the cards.

I created a pouch from one of the placemats for the Land Air and Water classification cards.

Here’s some pictures of the pouch for the Land Air and Water cards.

I then found some really great fabric that was perfect for the Fruit Nomenclature Cards.

Here’s pictures of the pouch for these cards.

If you look at my “Great Links” on my blog and at the Online Montessori Albums you can see the different lessons for the materials. Here is the lesson for Nomenclature Cards.

These were also some fun beginner sewing projects for me. Jude really liked watching me sew, he seemed quite excited.