I could go into more detail but the short version is we found out this week that the state was going to require us to have ground cover under our swing set for our daycare and we had about 30 days to get his done. Jason and I began talking about what to do about this because it was yet another expense and we had just paid a large amount of fees for the daycare when we moved into our current home. Since I only have two daycare kids and I am not making a huge income with the daycare we were talking about closing and figuring out another way to earn this income. We were really torn with what to do as I have been caring for these two children for over a year and there is a strong attachment with them. I had found out the week before that one of these boys was going to be leaving at the end of the month to be at home with his mom. I wrote a letter to these families and told them about our situation. The family of the one little boy that I was still going to be caring for talked to me and they were very upset about the thought of losing me as their son’s daycare provider. They told me how they had not been happy with his other providers before and how grateful they were for me and the care their son got while he was with us and offered to do the work needed. We talked to them about this Friday and here it is Sunday evening and the work is done. The little boys family came this morning and his father with Jason assistance laid out the landscape timbers and 80 bags of mulch later the work was done. I made lunch and we ate together, it seemed like a small thing I could do for such a generous act. We talked and the gratitude goes both ways, they feel it is a small act for having such a good place for their son to be. I feel humbled once again by the kindness of others and pray that God will allow Jason and I to be in a position in the future to give to others.


Little Hands Playschool

I thought I would share some photos of what we are doing in my daycare. I am still using the Little Acorn Learning curriculum and then I also have my own activities that I weave into our days.

Homemade playdoh, flour, little dough rollers, and cookie cutters makes for some creative play. Add in trains and cars for extra fun.

Coloring is always fun.

Painting with ice cubes that had food coloring and were frozen onto a stick.

Nature Play, please scoop dirt on me 🙂

Let’s bake some sunshine bread. This bread was delicious!

Impressive tower building with big blocks.

It’s October

Wow so my blogging has been not so much lately. What can I say I’m busy during the day and even lack the motivation to blog in the evening. We are keeping busy here with my Playschool and we are still advertising for a few more kids. I had a little boy start this week and he is a sweetheart. We have been enjoying the weather and love wearing our jackets when we go out in the cool morning. Jude and Annika have been wanting to play outside a lot more. I am enjoying watching both of them grow. They are so different and they get along so well, it just works. With Jude’s 5th Birthday approaching it it amazing to see how much he has grown lately. He loves to help me when I need it and feels very proud of himself for the things he does. Annika is just a fireball of physical activity and its amazing to see her energy.

Here’s a picture of my Jude doing one of his favorite things

Here’s Annika doing one of her favorite things.

Little Hands Playschool

Well when I started my daycare last year I could not think of a name for it so it officially has a name and now a website. I have been working on my website the past few days because in another week I will have three openings because I have 3 of my daycare kids who will be in school. Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think. It is still a work in progress and there are other things I would like to add but its a start. If you know anyone who might be interested please pass the link along 🙂

Little Hands Playschool

Playdoh Fun

I made this playdoh the other week with Jude, Annika, and a few of my daycare kiddos. I really loved this playdoh recipe. We have done another one before but this is my fave.

Here’s some pictures

Jude wanted to make brown, prior to cooking the playdoh

Playdoh all done and in action

Annika rolling out her yellow playdoh

Jude made hearts

All of the creations

Spring is Here

We have been working on a few Spring projects for daycare. After our vacation we took down the rest of the winter stuff and we are slowing adding Spring.

Here is our butterfly tree that is on our nature shelf.

Butterfly close up. These are super easy to make.

Jude had asked me what the bird was on the nature shelf and I told him it was a Bluejay. That evening when we were eating dinner he spotted one out the window and was super excited. He gets really excited every time he sees one now.

We are working on our Spring placemats, here are a few. This is where we got the templates. After we glued the pieces onto the design we cut them out and put them on construction paper and then used clear contact paper to cover them. The kids had a choice of the flower or raindrop.

Here’s Jude showing me a flower.