Journal: Christmas

Outside my window:

A little snow on the ground and really cold!

Around the house:

Spending some time getting things organized this week.  I enjoy doing this over Christmas break so we are all ready to go when we start school next week.  So far I have conquered the kitchen, our school area, and the mail pile up.  I need to tidy our bedroom clutter and my office desk, yikes!

The kiddos:

Jude is off enjoying the new Hobbit movie with his cousins.  Annika and Zane and I are going to work on some sugar cookies here in a little bit.  Everyone is enjoying the break from school and other activities.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Chicken and Noodles, Chicken Tacos, Tuna Noodles, Garlic Chicken with Rice, Pizza, and Hot Dogs.


I finished a knitting project.  I made a really cute pair of fingerless mittens using this pattern.  It was a fun knit.


Going over our schedule and looking to see if I want to make any changes before we start back next week.  I plan to talk to the kids and get their feedback.

Bringing me joy:

The Christmas season,  getting to spend time with my husband, relaxing around the house, seeing the kids grow.

Thinking about:

The start of the new year.

Pictures to share:

Our Christmas:


The day after Christmas we took a trip to the zoo. The kids really enjoy posing with all the sculptures.

Christmas 2012

We had a lovely Christmas and a very relaxing break from school. Jason had some time off work and we enjoyed lots of time at home as a family. We enjoyed playing board games together, Wii Sports, and watching the kids play. I cozied up at home and knitted an easy project (a washcloth), read books, and played Scrabble on the Kindle.

Pictures of the kids on Christmas Eve.  The kids opened presents on Christmas Eve and then had their stockings to look forward to Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve 2012
Power Rangers Spin Sword!
Annika giving her new ball a try. She loves “Balley”!
My lovely trio on Christmas Morning.


This space has been a little quiet. The week before Christmas brought the stomach flu for everyone in our family. This slowed us down a lot and made us spend a lot of time resting. I did not do any childcare the week after Christmas and was able to enjoy a relaxing week and spend time with family, it was a really nice week.

I have been thinking about gratitude the last few weeks. These past six months with my husband looking for employment have been hard. I have constantly battled against being discouraged about him not finding employment. One of the things that I have consistently done is remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for. So I thought I would share some of these things. This is a short list but these are the ones I think about the most.

*I am grateful for all those who are praying for our family, I know that I have been able to be more positive because of all the prayers.

*I am grateful for such an amazing husband and a great marriage.

* I am grateful that I get to be home with our children and teaching them. I feel this is God’s path for our family and I learn so much from them everyday.

* I am grateful for the generosity of our family in helping us meet our financial obligations.

* I am grateful for all of us being healthy, this is a huge blessing that I do not take for granted.

* I am thankful for a lovely house and food to nourish our bodies.

* I am thankful for my Catholic faith and trust in God’s plan for our family.

I’ll end this post with some pictures of our Christmas.  It was such a laid back quiet Christmas it was wonderful.

Christmas Eve

Christmas day after Church

Jude learning to play the new Wii, thanks Grammy!

Illuminations with Grammy

Christmas Decorating and St. Nicholas Day

Jude and Annika spent the first few days after we moved constantly asking when we would be putting up Christmas lights. So a few days after we moved I got out our Christmas decor and we decorated. It doesn’t matter that we have a garage full of boxes it makes it feel much more warm in the house with the Christmas Tree, Jesse Tree, Nativity, and other holiday decor. I let my kids and daycare kids decorate the tree this year, I did a very minimal amount of decorating the actual tree. I only added a few ornaments to the top and moved some up from the very bottom. They were very excited and it was a lot of fun to watch them.

Here is the tree.

Here is the nativity.

Here is our collection of singing holiday toys. I normally have a rule of no singing toys or toys that have “on” switches during daycare hours, but I make an exception this time of year. It is great fun to watch them start the toys all at once and sing and dance along.

Zane enjoyed the singing tree named “Douglas Fir”.

Last Saturday night St. Nicholas made a visit to our house and left books and few treats for Jude and Annika and a teether toy for Zane.

Our Jesse tree and new prayer space. In future years I plan to make felt ornaments for the Jesse Tree and replace the paper ones but for now these are working great and the kids enjoy adding an ornament each day.