Annika’s 8th Birthday

On April 8th Annika celebrated her 8th Birthday.  My little girl is growing up so much.  Here is what Annika likes at age 8:  playing with friends and siblings, Webkinz, handsewing her Webkinz clothing, knitting, crafting all sorts of things, making her room messy, animals, nature and various creepy crawlies, being silly, dreaming big, gymnastics, swimming, and living life to the fullest.  We sure do love her bunches!

My Birthday Girl

Annika's 8th Birthday

She decorated the table

She really wanted this barbie

She is beyond excited about having her own tools and the set is purple her favorite color.  She also got the wood and c clamps she had asked for.  She recently read a book about woodworking and is excited to start some projects.

Snorkel gear, something else she has wanted for a long time.  She enjoyed walking around the house like this.
Love this!

Zane’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Zane’s 5th Birthday on March 25th.  He was very excited leading up to his birthday about turning 5.  It is hard to believe that he has hit that milestone birthday.  We celebrated his birthday with family and he loved his presents.  He had been wanting a Lego set from the Lego movie and was excited to finally have one.

What size likes at age 5:  Legos, play battles with “weapons”, swimming, mom’s day out program, gymnastics, playing outside with neighbors, playing with siblings, learning to read with Reading Eggs, singing and choir, nature walks, going to the zoo and botanical gardens, making potions, and cooking with me.

Zane’s birthday cake.


Blowing out his candles.


Zane's 5th Birthday

A big birthday smile!


Very happy about his Lego movie set

Jude’s 10th Birthday

We celebrated Jude’s 10th birthday on October 24th. It is hard for me to believe he has already hit “double digits”. He was so super excited leading up to his birthday and I still remember my own excitement hitting that milestone birthday. As a mom it is exciting to him growing up and maturing, but I do feel a little bit of loss as he grows older. I don’t want his childhood over too quickly.

We celebrated his birthday with  chocolate cake, he always requests chocolate and I am always more than happy to make chocolate cake. He got a few Lego sets, an iPod shuffle, and an Angry Birds Star Wars Game.  He had fun building his Lego sets and has been enjoying listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on his iPod.   So glad my sweet boy had a great 10th birthday.



Talk about growing, look how tall this boy is next to his 5’10” mom.


Annika’s 7th Birthday

Annika turned 7 on April 8th and we enjoyed having a birthday party for her the day before her birthday. She requested a strawberry cake, which is her usual request. She was very excited to get a sewing machine and quickly sewed up 2 pillows. She has grown up so much this past year! Annika enjoys reading, a few favorites are Garfield and Elephant and Piggie books, she loves to do crafty projects and her favorite projects right now are bead buddies and creating with clay, she still loves playing with her brothers, she also likes taking silly pictures and videos using the webcam on the computer and using the computers special effects. She is currently in gymnastics and taking a rock wall climbing class, and she loves to swim.  Annika is full of so much energy and life and we are grateful for such a sweet girl!

Zane’s 4th Birthday

We celebrated Zane’s 4th Birthday last week.  We had a family party the day before his birthday and then I took the kids to a local children’s museum for his actual birthday.  Zane enjoyed his Angry Birds themed party.  His favorite things right now are Angry Birds, Power Rangers, and Star Wars.  He loves that he is a big boy and will let you know how he feels about being called “little”.  It is hard for me to believe my youngest is 4 already!  Zane is a very happy, opinionated, and imaginative.  This boy has a huge smile and still loves to snuggle his mama.  I’m excited to see my big boy grow another year!

Zane Birthday

Jude’s Birthday Celebration

Jude’s kept telling me on his birthday that it was the best  birthday ever.  He loved getting the day off school, going swimming, and opening his presents.  He had Taekwondo on his birthday and brought some treats to share with his class.

Jude usually requests chocolate cake for his birthday and I decided to decorate this one with his favorite candies, skittles.  I used my favorite gluten free chocolate cake mix from Sun Flour Mills.

I love this picture!

I like the look on Jude’s face in this picture.

A Star Wars Cookbook!

New legos!

So glad my boy had such a great 9th birthday!

Happy Birthday to my 9 year old!

It seems hard to believe that 9 years have passed since I became a mom.  Today my first born turns 9.  What a joy these years have been!

I thought I would share some of the things I love most about Jude.  Jude has a great smile, imagination, and loves to be silly.  He is the best big brother and is so patient and loving with his younger siblings.  He tries really hard to do the right thing.  He is good at staying calm and helping solve problems.

Some of the things that Jude likes are Legos, Star Wars, and Ninjago.  He likes to read, especially Star Wars books.  He also likes cooking, baking, helping in the kitchen, and reading cook books.  He likes having lightsaber battles with his little brother.  He also likes to have very imaginative play sessions with his siblings that involve lots of stuffed animals.  He likes swimming and TaeKwonDo.  In school he is really enjoying the United States Scrapbook we are making as we study US Geography.  He also likes music, earth studies, science, and history.

Jude’s fun activity he picked for his birthday is to go swimming.  We will be having Biscuits and Gravy for dinner and Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting.

Happy Birthday Jude!