W.I.P. Wednesday: Knitting Again

I decided after my last few productive knitting weeks I would participate in W.I.P. Wednesday again.

I have been doing some purging of fabric and yarn from the closet in the room we refer to as the croffice, the place where I have my crafty stuff and sewing machine, which is also our office.  So I pulled all of my yarn and sorted through it and decided what to keep and what to sell.  When I opened up those yarn tubs it made me want to start knitting again, I had not done any knitting lately.  My hubby had suggested a few weeks before that I knit some stuff for my Etsy Shop since I have been looking at earning some money to go towards my new business.  Initially I did not imagine myself wanting to do this since I have been so busy, but when I saw the yarn and thought about how relaxing knitting is for me I decided I would give it a try.

Here is my yarn after I purged.  This does not include a wall organizer in our bedroom with yarn.

5 newborn hats that I made knitting one a day for 5 days.  The top two are made from a organic wool cotton blend yarn and the bottom three are made from organic cotton.

These are 2 of the wool soakers I have made and I have a 3rd ready to start.  These are made with 100purewool one of favorites for hand painted wool, this yarn is super soft and the colors are always amazing.

Here is Just Peachy Knits on Etsy not looking as bare as it did a few weeks ago.

What Zane eats…

When we introduced solids about a month ago Zane was not very interested. Over the last few weeks he has started to show some definite interest as long as he is feeding himself. Zane gets really mad if I try to spoon feed him, Annika was the same way, and really it is so much easier when they can just feed themselves. So Zane’s menu right now is mostly chicken, peas, and peeled ripe pear. He has also eaten avacado and white and sweet potatoes. Zane really does not like apples or bananas.

Here are some shots of Zane working on his food.

Look what Zane is up to.

Zane has decided that tummy time is no fun unless he is scooting himself across the floor. I tried to get a few photos of him in action. When he is naked and not impeded by clothes that little guy can really go. He uses his feet and knees and fists to scoot where he wants to go. Here are some photos of my little guy in action.
Hi everyone

Here I go

Taking a break to suck on my hand

This looks like a good spot

Some fun pictures

Jude playing with a plastic container on his head and sock puppets on his feet.

Serving up some playdoh.

Reading his magazine.

First pigtails ever, she finally has enough hair and is very happy about it.

Zane is still on a mission to suck his thumb

I have been stocking Zane to get some pictures of his smile here are a few close ones.

My personal favorite the crossed eyes.

It’s picture time again!

I like this picture, Zane was really checking out the elephant that Annika put by him.

Zane’s first parade, he slept most of the time.

Here is the look on his face after the parade, too funny!

Family picture, minus Zane. The kids really enjoyed the parade.

Zane enjoying the outdoors with me. Did I mention I love babywearing 🙂