Journal: Tea Party

Outside my window:

It’s a lovely cool fall morning.  Looks like the afternoons will be warm this week but with the cooler mornings it is nice balance.

Around the house:

I steam cleaned the floors last week, happy dance!  I got off schedule with my carpet cleaning over the summer and now I can start fresh again.  It was a busy day yesterday so we all have some general house tidy to do this morning before we start our school day.

The kiddos:

Zane is looking forward to his first Den meeting tomorrow for Cub Scouts.  He puts on his scout uniform any chance he gets.

Jude has been working on lego videos and wants to have his own youtube channel.  I am still looking into this.  He wants me to show him how to upload and edit them.  He goes downstairs each morning and makes  a new video.  He has been doing this for a few weeks now.

Annika’s had so much fun hosting her tea party last week.  I loved seeing the girls play together and listen to all the giggles.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Bierock Casserole, Chicken Tacos, Chili, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Chicken and Noodles, Pizza.


I guided Annika through sewing up a quilted potholder.  We are going to be making these in a few with her American Heritage Girls troop and wanted to make one to show the girls.  It was a fun simple project.


We are trying to keep on a good school routine each day.  My younger two have been lacking motivation to quit playing and get started on their lessons for the day, so we are still working on it.  Last week Annika came out of her room with her little “sister” Anna.  Apparently she thought if she dressed Zane like a girl and was playing with him I wouldn’t make her start on her school work.  Zane thought this sounded like a good idea.  Annika really enjoyed having Zane be her “sister”.  She always talks about wanting a sister and she really loved every minute he played with her as Anna.  She still had to do her school work.

Bringing me joy:

Mini date with the hubby last Friday.  A little time at Starbucks and then a bunch of grocery shopping.  I told him he makes a much better shopping partner then the kids because he does not beg and whine for treats.

Thinking about:

Keeping a good schedule this week to be able to get done everything I want to do.

Keeping God at the center of each day.

Nourishing my children’s love of learning while still doing the lessons that are necessary but not was much fun.

Pictures to Share:
Tea party Set Up

Apple Spice Cupcakes. Annika made these and they were amazing. Untitled

Annika and Anna


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