Journal: Fourth Week of School

Outside my window:

Warmish.  Leaves on the ground from our Cottonwood Tree.  It is looking more like fall but is still quite warm.  I am hoping that we have some fall weather.  I don’t like when it goes from warm to cold.  I really don’t like cold weather.

Around the house:

We got our fall decorations out and the younger two helped arrange them around the house.  Steam cleaning will occur in the next handful of days.  Annika’s disaster of a room got cleaned with my help over the weekend. We are going back to the twice a day room tidy for her so it doesn’t get that out of control again.
Annika’s Room Before and After.

The kiddos:

Zane started Cub Scouts this week and he is beyond excited about this.  He has been waiting for this moment since he was about 4.  He wants to wear his scout uniform everyday.

Jude started a new boys group at church this week and he seems excited about this.  He is practicing lines for the showcase he will do next month for the theater classes he has been taking.

Annika is planning a fall tea party this coming week.  She invited a few friends that live close by and is planning activities and food.  She had the table all arranged with a tablecloth, tea cups, and plates the other day as practice.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Bierock Casserole, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Chicken and Noodles, Pizza, Slow Cooker Pork Chops, Breakfast for Dinner.


We had Tie Dying success last weekend with Annika’s AHG troop.  Now I am working on a sample of a quilted potholder that we are working on next.  Looked at the fall Knitty today and really want to start doing some knitting again.


Finishing up our fourth week of school today.  The motivation has been lower this week.  I have noticed if they do not get started right away in the morning the longer it takes to get things done.  It is a little tricky because the kids have such different wake up times.

Bringing me joy:

Fun times we had with the kids at the park last weekend for a play day.  We did sack races, parachutes, stilts, pedal boats, and tons of other activities.  An evening trip to the coffee shop to chat with a friend.  Seeing the kids grow and mature.

Thinking about:

Now that we have a good schedule for our school year I am ready to start growing my Wildtree business again.  I feel blessed to have found something that I enjoy so much and is so flexible.

Morning prayer time with needy puppies that are distracting.  We have done better this week but sometimes it is tricky!

Not overthinking things to the point of paralysis, work in progress on this.

Pictures to Share:

Park Play Day

Tiger Cub


5 thoughts on “Journal: Fourth Week of School

  1. “Not overthinking things to the point of paralysis, work in progress on this.”
    You and me both!

    What boys group is Jude in? And how cool that he is doing theater! What a great way to feel comfortable with public speaking.

    My boys keep begging to join cubscouts. I’m afraid of the commitment but eventually I think it would be good for them.

    Hope you’re all doing well!

    • Glad others can relate to the overthinking 🙂

      Jude is doing a group called Fortress. A monthly group designed for boys (9 yrs through 12 yrs) focusing on learning about the virtues of knighthood and about being that strong fortress embodying the following virtues: Courtesy, Honesty, Valor, Honor, Generosity, Loyalty, Purity, Justice, and Wisdom all under the mantle of developing a spiritual life and love for Mary. He is at such a great age to really grow with this group and was excited after the first class. They have a awesome year planned for the boys.

      Jude’s theater class is singing and dancing too, so he is getting the full experience. I am eager to see what he thinks about it after his class is over and he gets to perform.

      We are excited about Cub Scouts. It is a really great fit for Zane’s personality!

      • Yup, we can form the overthinking club. But we’d probably overthink it too much. 😉

        The Fortress program sounds great, is it similar to the Little Flowers program but for boys? Are you still doing Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? Or maybe the kids are too old now?

      • The Blue Knights is the program that is similar to the Little Flowers. The Stewart’s started the Fortress program this year and offered it through our homeschool group. My older 2 are not doing CGS this year. SFA atrium offers Levels 1 (3-6) and 2 (6-9).

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