Journal: The Absent Blogger

Outside my window:

Windy and warm.

Around the house:

I need to do some cleaning.  The carpets are definitely needing some steam cleaner love.  I think I will feel better once I got that done.  Annika’s room is in need of an intensive declutter session.  The legos are getting out of control in the basement again.

The kiddos:

They are on lunch break right now and playing legos downstairs.  Jude and Zane have finished their lessons for the day but Annika still has more to finish.  Annika has been distracted today making projects from this activity book about North American Indians.  She is currently wearing moccasins and her Indian dress and a necklace she made last night.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Garlic Chicken and Rice, Opee Sea Crunch with Pasta, Homemade Pizza, Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes and assorted veggies with these meals.


Hmm, not so much right now.  I have been thinking about knitting, does that count?  I will be helping Annika’s American Heritage Girls Troop with Tie Dying t-shirts this weekend.  As a new leader with this troop we also have a weaving and quilting project coming up as the girls work on the Textile Arts badge.


We are on our third week of school and all is going well.  Some grumbles and groans here and there usually about composition but other than that school is off to a great start.  Zane is much more ready for school this year and this has been nice to see his growth.

Bringing me joy:

No screen time during the week.  That will be a blog post all of its own.  The kids playing well together and being creative.  Seeing the kids engage in meaningful activities outside the home.  Taking the kids to the state fair for the first time this week!

Thinking about:

Blogging.  It is hard to jump right in when you haven’t blogged in a while.  There are past posts that I still plan to publish to the blog.  Can’t forget those spring birthdays!  It has been good to have time away from sharing in this space, but I feel excited about blogging on topics that mean a lot to me.

Pictures to share:

Imaginations are at work daily here.

King Green and King Red and Princess Annika


2 thoughts on “Journal: The Absent Blogger

  1. Oohhhh no screen time during the week. I will be anxiously awaiting that post!!!! We were just talking about this last night. We have done no tv during the week for the kids (excepting the boys in the afternoon before G gets home from school, and Kolbe gets Tuesday and Friday computer time (instead of TV) since he doesn’t go to computer at school being half day but once we have kids in school all day we plan to have no screens during the week at all because of how great it has already been this year. Anxious to hear your thoughts on the topic!!!

    And now I feel less bad that we have never taken the kids to the state fair, since our kids are younger than yours, so thank you!!!

    • Glad I could make you feel better about not taking your kids to the fair yet 🙂 My kids kept asking me why I had not taken them before. Apparently there is no chance for me not taking them again in the future.

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