Journal: Camp Time

Outside my window:

It rained last night and it looks like we will have a mild start to our week.

Around the house:

Laundry on Mondays.  I also have been making my way through my for sale and donate piles.  Sold some old toys last week and plan to list some more things today.  Really need to steam clean my carpet.

The kiddos:

Annika had her first day camp experience last week.  Her camps focus was on horseback riding and she loved every minute of it.  She definitely wants to go back next year.  My house was a lot quieter without my chatty girl around.

Jude is doing a Lego camp this week that is Space/Star Wars themed.  It is an afternoon camp program and he has really been looking forward to it.

Jude and Annika finished their 2 week session of swim lessons.  They both did really well.  Jude was dissappointed that he did not pass the class and Annika did.  He is really close and just has a few things to work on.

Zane has been continuing with the once a week Mom’s Day Out program, which makes him feel like he gets to do something fun of his own each week.

Our summer schedule is going really well.  It seems to be a good balance for the kids and they are doing really well at keeping the house tidy.

In the kitchen:

On the Menu: Chili, Golden Honey Chicken, BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Meatsauce and Spaghetti, Pizza, and Breakfast for dinner.


I have done a little bit of knitting.  I did teach Annika’s friend, that is our neighbor, how to knit and she learned very quickly.  I have been seeing her knit quite a bit.  Annika goes in spurts with her knitting.  I would like to do a little sewing now that my sewing area is cleaned.


We are on our summer lesson schedule.  Annika and Jude and both doing Math and Math Fact Drills this summer.  Jude is trialing a new spelling program and so far we are really liking it!  We are also doing some fun science experiments and reading lots of books.  Zane has been picking out different activities to do each day.  Mostly we are reading, doing puzzles, and playing games.

I made my list of curriculum that I need to purchase for our upcoming school year and now have been browsing my favorite used book resources to get some good deals.  So far so good.

Bringing me joy:

Outdoor activities with the kids, Jude’s impressive Lego creations, and seeing the kids play with each other.

Thinking about:

I have been listening to the weekly Podcasts for The Little Oratory and really enjoying these.  I did get a copy of the book last week.  Lots of good food for thought on living our faith at home.

Pictures to share:

This is what Zane picked out when we shopping, the hat and tie.  He has wanted me to buy him a tie for a long time and well the hat was really cute.  He has been wearing them a lot.  Oh and the face!


Annika’s First Day of Camp


From Father’s day.  We went to our local botanical gardens and enjoyed their kite festival.



6 thoughts on “Journal: Camp Time

  1. Lots of fun times! That horse camp sounds so fun!
    I love Zane’s tie, Nicholas wanted Mr you get him that same one buyout I want sure if he’d actually use it. And the hat Zane picked puts it all together nicely.

  2. I love the camo tie, that is awesome!!
    We are having spaghetti tonite! I always make chili in the winter, and maybe once a summer, I may need to add it to the menu. I make honey chicken, I wonder if your golden honey chicken recipe is similar…

    • It is crazy how long he has been wanting a tie. I figured he would probably wear it.

      We don’t do Chili much in the summer but it is one of the meals that all the kids like so I do add it in a few times.

      Here is the Golden Honey Chicken Recipe. I have used it for a lot a years, again its one all the kids like. I use boneless chicken thighs, no hot sauce, and serve with rice. It only takes 20-30 minutes to bake since I use boneless chicken. Is your recipe similar?

  3. haha, almost completely identical, as mine (which I got from Elizabeth S) doesn’t call for hot sauce in the first place. i always serve ours with rice as well, and steamed green beans. the sauce is sooooo good. great recipe that everyone enjoys.

  4. i will have to try it with thighs sometime, i usually use breasts but i have been working the thighs into some other things i make, esp. when i shred ckn for something.

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