Bedroom Makeover Girl’s Room

This is the before picture of what was Zane’s room.

Now for the after pictures of what is now Annika’s room.  Her room was painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Foxy Pink.  We picked out her bedding first and thought this pink would be perfect.

Awesome new wall art and dresser, thanks to Grammy.  This dresser has 10 colored panels that you can change out to match the room.  The pink panel matched her room perfectly.

Annika’s doll house she got for last Birthday.

The bed is a trundle bed and has built in drawers in the bottom too.  Annika and I picked out fabric and sewed the valances for her room.  It was the first time she got to sew on my machine.  I need to find some other small sewing projects for her.

This old desk is the perfect fit for her room.  I was thinking about painting the metal part of it.  If anyone has any suggestions for the desk I would love to hear them.

I love how the room turned out and she is really enjoying having a “girl room”.


5 thoughts on “Bedroom Makeover Girl’s Room

  1. Looks great! Amazing what a coat of paint will do for paneling, huh?!

    That is a cool toddler bed (in the “before” pictures)

    The desk…I would think your best bet would be cover the “wood” parts with painter tape/plastic and spray paint the rest white. Just my thoughts though, I don’t know if that would really work…

    • Yes on the paint for paneling. The paneling actually took less paint than the boys room, I think because the wall has more texture. It only took one full coat and then some touch ups here and there.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the desk, I was thinking something similar.

    • Hi Michelle! We purchased at Ashley Furniture. I enjoyed taking a look at your blog 🙂 I hoping to have some new knitting projects up on my blog soon.

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