Quirky Fact Friday: Meet Stubby

For this weeks post I thought I would introduce you to Stubby.  Who is Stubby?  Stubby is the name for my right thumb.  Growing up I had two undesirable habits, nail biting and thumb sucking.  My right thumb was my sucking thumb and also the nail I did some serious biting on.  On a side note, my nail biting was compusive behaivior driven by my need to have my nail tips feeling smooth and even at all times.  Fast forward to the present and having a nail file (only one type of nail file) with me at all times helps me keep those nail tips perfectly smooth.  So back to Stubby, because of my avid thumb sucking my right thumb is noticeably different than the other, see picture.  It is flatter and wider, so sometime in my adult life I started calling this thumb Stubby.  I have an inherent weakness of the left side of Stubby which results in the nail breaking very low on a frequent basis resulting in an even more “stubby” appearance.

Annika was the photographer for my thumb shot, Thanks Anni!


One thought on “Quirky Fact Friday: Meet Stubby

  1. Hehe, verrrrry interesting. I also sucked my right thumb as a baby and child (yep, I can remember sucking it, I was pretty old) but have never been a nail biter, possibly due to playing the piano growing up and ALWAYS having my nails trimmed very short (and that habit has carried over into adulthood). But anyways, some of your quirks (especially of the compulsive variety) remind me of myself ;-D Thanks for sharing!

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